I Finally Left My Job

3 min readNov 13, 2021


Good morning, Dear Readers. For those of you keeping up with my New York adventures, today is Day 166 in the Big Apple. It’s hard to believe I’m about to hit my 6-month mark, considering I have lived in Arkansas exclusively up until June of this year.

I feel great, though. Why is that? Because the fruits of my labor — undergraduate studies, grad school, building up my professional experience — have all started to come to fruition. This week, I (FINALLY) left my day job after a little over 2 years. It’s been 2 days since I hung up my coffee apron for the last time, but I tell you, it feels phenomenal to say that I’ll be working a 9 to 5 job exclusively for the first time in my life! The best part? I don’t have to wake up at 4 in the morning anymore!

There are a lot of other things I’m glad to finally get away from, but I’ll expand more on that in another blog. The important part is that I’m starting a new job at Housing Works, a nonprofit that assists people experiencing homelessness and AIDS within NYC. This feels like a dream to me, as Housing Works came about at the peak of the AIDS epidemic in NYC, a time when gay men were dying at unprecedented rates but public officials were failing to combat the issue head-on. Housing Works, along with ACT UP, came about in order to change the conversation around HIV and AIDS and advocate on behalf of those who politicians were ignoring — largely because they were gay. As someone who went to school specifically to learn how to advocate on behalf of LGBTQIA+ people, this job seems surreal, but I’m embracing it.

Other things in my life are also falling into place. I’m finally starting to date regularly, and now that my schedule will have a semblance of structure through the week, I’m hoping to see even more of the city than I already have. Up until this point, I feel like I’ve been hustling nonstop since I’ve been in the city — my never-ending day job always at the back of my mind, dictating my every second. I never felt I could travel further than downtown or the West Village because I rarely got more than a day off to explore. So even when I did get a day off, I felt like I had to rope in rest time along with exploratory time — because my rest time was so miniscule. Now, I’m hoping to make a day trip to Boston, and Montauk, and all those other northern states that border us.

I’m also hoping to move to a different part of the city so that I can be closer to my new job. The commute at this moment would be at least an hour — not totally out of the realm of possibility (New Yorkers do it every day). But also, I’m ready to live downtown, amidst all the action. It’s time.

Things finally seem to be falling into place. Has it been hard up to this point? Yes. Have I worried over details on a daily basis? Also yes. But I wouldn’t have appreciated where I am now if I hadn’t endured all the previous hardships. Those hardships are what make it all the sweeter.

So, if you’re pursuing a dream right now and wonder if you’re ever going to get to the other side of the rainbow, keep pushing. Yes, you’ll probably still worry, just don’t allow yourself to worry too much (I know. A lot easier said than done.) It’s all about balance. A little bit of anxiety is okay, but when it dictates your every day, that’s when it’s too much. Learn how to combine that bit of anxiety with action, and you’ll achieve results.

I hope everyone’s having a great holiday season so far. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I won’t be home this year to celebrate, but I am planning to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in person — how cool is that? I’ll post pics.

Y’all have a great day! Until next time. Kisses.




Residing in Manhattan, C.F. Turner is a realistic fiction author and blogger of all things sex-related.